Wachsender Bedarf an passiven UHF-Karten für RFID-Anwendungen

In many RFID industrial application, flexible paper or plastic RFID tags cannot meet the requirements in harsh environments, such as impact, cleaning, and outer door working environments. The simplest low-cost laminated Gen2 PVC UHF Cards can meet the requirements of 2-5 years of use. The application of passive UHF Cards have become more and more extensive, including supply chain management and tracking, as well as the more common applications of pallets and turnover boxes. UHF Gen2 EPC Smart Card have different requirements for reading distance and directionality according to different applications.

What can you get from HUAYUAN?

  • Custom UHF cards can be produced according to customer requirements to meet various special design and variable data printing.
  • UHF RFID card can be installed according to the customer’s application, such as punching, adhesive glue, and we can use different glues to ensure the reliability of the installation according to the material of the sticker.
  • Long read range UHF card can use inlays with different properties according to customer requirements, For example, for Omni-directional reading and large-capacity needed, we will use Monza 4 series chip inlay; If long reading distance needed, A better performance of Monza R6 or UCODE 8 chip inlay with antenna size 70*15 is the best choose to make the card. All solutions can be flexibly custom-made according to special requirements.

Application of Passive UHF Cards

  • UHF cards are used in plastic packing turnover boxes and pallets
  • On the shelf, and asset management applications
  • Vehicle identification UHF card with self-adhesive glue.
  • In response to recent COVID-19, in some special occasions, Contactless ISO UHF standard cards can also be used as personnel management and access control for remote reading.

Who We Are?

  • Rich UHF plastic hard contactless card manufacturing experience since 2005. We know well about the performance of the heat lamination plastic card and know how to control the card consistency.
  • Various complete processing systems and quality inspection standards.
  • Rich experience of all card processes, and can handle complex EPC encoding.
  • Variety of data processing, from visual variable data processing to mass production capability for chip information corresponding data processing.

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