Our Business

With nearly three decades of expertise, Shanghai Huayuan Electronic has been a pioneering force in the RFID industry since 1995. We offer mature and innovative RFID products tailored to meet the needs of system integrators and end-users across various sectors.

RFID Wristbands & Cards

RFID Wristbands, Cards, and Key Fobs have revolutionized security, access control, and identification. These devices offer seamless, contactless solutions across industries, enhancing convenience and security. As the market evolves, our innovative RFID technology drives broader adoption and integration into everyday applications, ensuring secure and effortless identity management. Discover how our RFID wristbands, cards, and key fobs can transform your business operations.


With extensive experience in RFID R&D, we have developed a comprehensive range of RFID tags that cater to industrial, retail, medical, and environmental protection automation sectors. Our projects span nearly every industry, highlighting our versatility and expertise. In the era of Industry 4.0, our RFID tags play a pivotal role in driving digital transformation and smart manufacturing. These advanced tags offer real-time data capture and automation, significantly enhancing supply chain efficiency, reducing losses, and enabling intelligent, connected operations. By integrating our RFID tags with IoT systems, businesses can achieve unprecedented levels of transparency and control over their processes. Discover how our RFID tags can revolutionize your industrial operations and drive your business towards a smarter future.

RFID Textile Solutions

RFID tags for textile lifecycle are revolutionizing textile management. We continuously develop and produce reliable, durable RFID laundry tags to meet the requirements of transparent tracing and tracking systems in both the textile laundry industry and garment life-cycle tracking. Our extensive range of textile RFID products is utilized globally, with millions of tags applied monthly in various laundry applications, including apparel, footwear, uniforms, PPE, healthcare, hospitality, and cleaning.