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  • SlimStrap Silicone RFID Wristbands
    SlimStrap Silicone RFID Wristbands The SlimStrap Silicone RFID Wristbands with simple and smooth design are more and more widely used in waterparks, theme parks, amusement parks, beach parks, hotel & resorts, etc. The RFID bracelets are made of food-grade silicone material which is comfortable wearable. The logo could be pad printed, embossing, debossing, or ink…
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  • FlexStrap Silicone NFC Wristband
    FlexStrap Silicone NFC Wristband HUAYUAN FlexStrap Silicone NFC Wristbands are high-end adjustable wristbands. The special production process ensures bravo performance of excellent reading range. Owning to its state-of-the-art making, the comfortably wearable silicone wristband is an extraordinary solution to fitness centers, events, security/access control, general ticketing, etc. FlexStrap Silicone NFC Wristband At a Glance Item:…
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  • EliteMagic RFID NFC Silicone Wristband
    EliteMagic RFID NFC Silicone Wristbands EliteMagic RFID NFC silicone wristbands offer a more stylish alternative to ordinary designs. Made of durable and waterproof yet comfortable Eco silicone, these adjustable RFID bands smoothly fit wrists for all-day wear. Their soft structure enables secure RFID applications like access control and cashless payments without discomfort. HUAYUAN’s RFID chip…
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  • Watch Strap RFID Key Wristband
    Watch Strap RFID Key Wristband HUAYUAN watch strap adjustable silicone RFID key wristband is available to be with full custom CMYK printed which looks fashionable and special from other styles. It is ideal for use at brand activation events, or as a season pass, gym membership, or another long-term use credential. Watch Strap RFID Key…
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  • VentMax RFID Contactless Wristband
    VentMax RFID Contactless Wristband VentMax silicone RFID contactless wristband, with small circle likes sparks, looks elegant and eye-catching. Customized silk screen printing logo or laser engraving in the middle oval plate. With Venting holes for breathability and water escape in the pool or during high activity applications. Smooth structure and waterproof silicone material makes it…
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  • Watch Type RFID Chip Wristband
    Watch Type RFID Chip Wristband HUAYUAN Watch Type RFID Chip Wristband represents a classic, cost-effective and adjustable hot sale design on the market, one design fits all. Custom logo printing and different colors are all available. It is ideal for use at brand activation events, or as a season pass, gym membership, or other long-term…
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  • Closed Silicone RFID Wristbands
    Closed Silicone RFID Wristbands Welcome to the future of wristband technology with our Closed Silicone RFID Wristband series. Designed for convenience, security, and style, our wristbands offer a seamless integration of RFID technology with comfortable silicone bands, making them perfect for a wide range of applications. Product Highlights Closed Type Design: Durable, waterproof, and hypoallergenic,…
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  • PayPocket Contactless Payment Bracelet
    PayPocket Contactless Payment Bracelet HUAYUAN is a leading provider of contactless payment bracelets for EMV payment bracelet bank, and e-payment. Whether you’re a bank, event organizer, transportation operator, or wearables manufacturer, you can show value to your customers with attractive, frictionless, and secure contactless wearables. For ECO, We mainly use food-grade silicone material to make…
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  • PayWrap Wearable Contactless Payment Wristband
    PayWrap Wearable Contactless Payment Wristband HUAYUAN contactless payment wristband will be processed with top-grade Germany food-grade silicone material. Pocket silicone wristband is very soft, sprayed with oil, can prevent dust, make the surface more delicate and smooth, and will not deform and wear for a long time. Many banks also print their own logo on…
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  • FlexPay Cashless Payment Wristband
    FlexPay Cashless Payment Wristband Cashless payment wristband is now available everywhere, which means that consumers all over the world can use their cards for the convenience of clicking and paying. The advancement of payment wristband technology allows payments to be added to wearable devices quickly and invisibly to provide an enhanced consumer experience at checkout….
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