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HUAYUAN offers RFID wristbands, smart cards, and key fobs. Our products cater to various needs such as identification, cashless payments, security, access control, and event management.

OvalPro Closed Loop Silicone RFID Wristband for Hotels


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Established 1995, Know-How RFID
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Experience the seamless integration of RFID technology in personnel identification, simplifying access and enhancing security in the workplace.

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With nearly three decades of expertise in RFID technology and manufacturing, HUAYUAN has remained a pioneering force in the RFID industry since its establishment in 1995.

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Discover the latest trends and innovations in RFID wearables and cards on our blog. Stay updated with insights, rfid applications and product highlights.

RFID Technology Applications for Sports Events

Increasing popularity in sporting activities has made an always developing buzz in the sports industry. Door incomes, television rights, and sponsorships are the vitally main impetus behind the sports industry development and the key part supporting all facets of sports media is technology. Technology enormously affects the universe of sports as of late. Most fans…
MIFARE DESFire AES Encryption - HUAYUAN RFID Companies


If you need one kind of RFID transponder designed to defeat cloning or cracking attacks, look no further, MIFARE DESFire is the best choice. MIFARE DESFire is the most secure RFID technology in the market. Which is an ISO14443A RFID transponder and an NFC Type 4A Tag Platform that’s used in many NFC and RFID…

The Growing Demand for Passive UHF Cards in RFID Applications

In many RFID industrial application, flexible paper or plastic RFID tags cannot meet the requirements in harsh environments, such as impact, cleaning, and outer door working environments. The simplest low-cost laminated Gen2 PVC UHF Cards can meet the requirements of 2-5 years of use. The application of passive UHF Cards have become more and more extensive, including supply…

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