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HUAYUAN has been active in the smart card industry since 1995, that specializes in the design and manufacturing of RFID cards, with a particular focus on passive RFID technology. Our expertise covers all aspects of RFID card production, from design and antenna layout, chip embedding, antenna printing and embedding, lamination, personalization to quality control. HUAYUAN supplies millions of RFID cards to the global market every month, especially the European and American markets.

Why Choose HUAYUAN RFID Cards

  • Professional manufacturer in the card industry since 1995;
  • Very first standardized contactless card manufacturer in China;
  • High tech R&D for customized RFID products;
  • Accepting complex personalization operations;
  • Extensive know-how in the card manufacturing technology;
  • Competitive pricing and fast delivery times;
  • Successful cooperation with leading chip manufacturers like NXP, EM, Infineon, TI and others.

By Frequency

Low Frequency 125kHz RFID Card

LF (Low Frequency) RFID smart cards, also called proximity cards. LF cards are ideal used for access control, loyalty cards, and identification because of the low read range and available security features. HUAYUAN provides a range of different 125kHz cards. EM and TK (EM compatible) are very popular all around the world.

High Frequency 13.56MHz RFID Card

HF (High Frequency) RFID smart cards that use the HF range of 13.56 MHz, are the most commonly used type of RFID smart card. They have a short to medium reading range, and are used for a large variety of applications including hotel rooms, access control, payment cards, and more.

Near Field Communication NFC Card

Near Field Communication (NFC) cards are a subset of RFID technology operating within the HF (High Frequency) range of 13.56MHz, similar to HF RFID smart cards. However, NFC technology enables not only proximity card functionalities but also facilitates contactless communication between devices over short distances, typically within a few centimeters. This versatility allows NFC cards to serve a multitude of purposes, including but not limited to access control, public transportation, payment, mobile phone interaction, and e-ticketing. Additionally, NFC cards are increasingly utilized in marketing applications, enabling businesses to engage customers through interactive experiences triggered by tapping or bringing NFC-enabled devices close to NFC tags embedded in posters, flyers, or product packaging.

Ultra High Frequency UHF Card

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID smart cards offer extended read range compared to HF and LF cards, enabling access from greater distances. This expanded reach enhances various applications, such as vehicle access to parking lots, logistics pallet tracking, bin identification, and more.

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Dual-Frequency RFID Card

Dual-Frequency RFID card is a type of RFID card that operates at two different frequencies. This allows the cards combine of two different frequency ranges. Dual-frequency RFID cards provide a flexible and powerful solution for various RFID applications, allowing for more efficient and accurate tracking and management. Their advantages, including longer reading ranges, compatibility with multiple communication protocols, versatility, reduced costs, and enhanced security.


Java Card technology provides a secure environment for running applications on smart cards and other devices with limited resources, ensuring interoperability, security, and flexibility. HUAYUAN has extensive experience and know-how in JAVA CPU card and production over dozens of years supported by our high-tech R&D capabilities. We used the famous chip company Infineon, NXP and Shanghai Fudan, that apply for the global projects.

By Material

Plastic RFID Card

Plastic RFID cards are the most used type of RFID card due to their durability, versatility, and wide range of applications. Constructed from robust PVC material, these cards offer excellent resistance to wear and tear, making them suitable for long-term use in various environments. Plastic RFID cards can withstand exposure to moisture, heat, and chemicals, ensuring reliable performance in harsh conditions. Additionally, their smooth surface allows for high-quality printing of graphics, text, and branding elements, making them ideal for applications requiring customization such as access control, membership cards, and payment.

RFID Paper Card

RFID paper cards made from paper material, these cards are commonly used for event tickets, transit passes, and promotional materials. Despite their lower durability, paper RFID cards are environmentally friendly and easily recyclable, offer cost-effective solutions for short-term or disposable applications.

Wooden RFID Card

Wooden RFID cards are crafted from sustainable wood materials, featuring an embedded RFID chip that offers both functionality and an unmistakably unique aesthetic. These cards provide a distinctive alternative to conventional plastic or paper RFID cards, catering to individuals and organizations with a commitment to environmental sustainability. By utilizing renewable resources, wooden RFID cards contribute to eco-friendly initiatives and support environmentally conscious branding efforts. Despite their organic composition, these cards maintain the ability to integrate RFID chips and antennas, ensuring seamless contactless operation for various applications such as access control, loyalty programs, and brand representation. Moreover, the natural variations in wood grain and coloration impart each card with a singular charm, infusing promotional materials, business cards, and event badges with a rustic yet sophisticated allure. While wooden RFID cards may not match the durability of their plastic counterparts, their eco-friendly credentials and unparalleled visual appeal make them an enticing choice for those seeking to make a statement with their RFID solutions while prioritizing sustainability. Read More >>

By Size

CR80 RFID Card

CR80 RFID cards, also known as standard-sized RFID cards, adhere to the ISO/IEC 7810 standard dimensions (85.6 × 53.98 mm), commonly recognized in the industry. CR80 RFID cards are widely utilized in access control systems, identification badges, membership cards, and payment solutions, and more. Their versatility, combined with their widespread acceptance and ease of use, positions CR80 RFID cards as a reliable and convenient option for organizations seeking reliable RFID solutions.

Non-Standard RFID Card

Non-standard RFID cards encompass a diverse range of sizes and shapes that deviate from the CR80 standard. These cards to specific use cases and applications that demand unconventional dimensions or form factors. For example, mini RFID tags applied to event RFID wristbands, UHF RFID tags on containers and pallets facilitate efficient logistics management, and more.

By Craft

Blank RFID Card

Blank RFID cards serve as a base option within the RFID card series, come without pre-printed designs, text, or graphics. Blank RFID cards are well-suited for bulk orders, as they can be readily stocked, reducing lead times and streamlining procurement processes.

Custom RFID Card

Custom RFID cards are tailored to meet specific branding, functional, or other requirements, incorporating personalized designs, data encoding, and additional features. These cards are typically pre-printed with customized artwork, logos, or text, reflecting the branding identity of the organization or event. Customized RFID cards offer a unique opportunity to enhance brand visibility, create a memorable impression, and foster customer engagement. By integrating branding elements and personalized messaging, customized RFID cards serve as powerful marketing tools, reinforcing brand loyalty and driving customer retention. Additionally, customized RFID cards can include advanced security features such as holographic overlays, UV printing, or anti-counterfeiting measures, enhancing their suitability for applications where data integrity and authenticity are paramount.


From access control and identification systems to payment solutions and asset tracking, RFID cards have become indispensable tools in our daily lives. Their ability to store and transmit unique identifiers and data has opened doors to seamless authentication, contactless transactions, and real-time monitoring of valuable assets. As technology continues to evolve, the applications of RFID cards are poised to expand further, offering innovative solutions to modern-day challenges across various sectors.

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