Wooden RFID Card and Tag

HUAYUAN Wooden RFID Card Tag, a sustainable and stylish solution. We’ve crafted these cards with elegance and eco-consciousness in mind, ensuring they not only impress your guests but also minimize environmental impact.

  • Sustainable Solution: Our Wooden RFID Cards and Tags are the greenest option available. Crafted from sustainable wood sources, they offer a unique aesthetic while reducing plastic waste.
  • Crafted for Elegance: Each card is a fusion of nature’s beauty and cutting-edge technology. With distinctive grain patterns and an organic feel, our Wooden Key Cards add a touch of luxury to your guests’ experience.
  • Eco-Conscious: We prioritize environmental responsibility. Our cards are made from biodegradable materials, ensuring they return to nature harmlessly at the end of their lifecycle.
  • Customization: Your brand is unique, and so are your key cards and tags. We offer a range of customization options, from design to wood type, allowing you to showcase your hotel’s individuality and provide guests with a memorable keepsake.
Wooden RFID Card Tag

Custom Your Wooden RFID Card Tag

Our Wooden RFID Cards and Tags come in standard card sizes or key tag sizes, and can be fully customized to your requirements. They can be printed in full color, engraved, or lasered, and are compatible with various RFID chips for access and identification purposes.

Choose sustainability without compromising style. Upgrade to our Wooden RFID Card Tags today and make a lasting impression on your guests while protecting the planet.

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