Le bracelet hôtelier RFID appliqué à l'hôtellerie

There are increasing dramatically in RFID wristband in resort and scenery in past, which can improve their overall guest experience. RFID hotel wristband as a door key applied in the whole hotel or resort for cashless payment, which is used in many hotels and resort. As well as the RFID silicone wristband is used in access to private beach and dressing rooms, to control access to the VIP area and the club floor, and available at the pool bar. RFID resort bracelets enable hotel and resort guests to easily experience all the services while enjoying the security of staying in a cashless environment.

Since the launch of Disney’s MagicBand in 2013, the theme park industry has been quick to adopt RFID technology. Ancient paper wristbands and tickets have been replaced by state-of-the-art contactless passes in the form of wristbands or cards. But RFID tags are nothing new in the leisure industry, some hotel key cards have been using RFID since the early days.

At present, RFID technology as the key of its operation is to attract people by multi functional technology. RFID hotel wristband not only reduce the time for waiting in line for guests, but increase the income of owner. However, there are many benefits for using RFID technology in hotel and resort.


The RFID silicone wristband is waterproof, disinfected and reused, and the chip can be reprogrammed, plastic-free wristbands, environmentally friendly, durable, and avoids waste of resources. These wearable RFID wristbands can be worn in the shower, swimming pool and ocean.

Easy to wear

The RFID room access bracelets will not lost easily. It is convenient and comfortable to wear, and friendly to the human body. So there is no need to worry about customers allergic to wearing RFID silicone wristbands. Now these Room-access wristbands not only allow you to follow your children while they are playing on the playground, they can now also track travelers who have been quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since March 2020, Hong Kong has been using RFID wristbands to track and isolate travelers.

Improve guest check-in and entry

No one likes queuing. Check-in is the gateway to the rest of the attraction. Whatever it’s hotel or theme park, an overly complex entry process can frustrate guests and negatively impact the experience. RFID system accelerates access control. RFID hotel bracelet can be pre-authorized and sent out by mail, allowing guests to self-check in on arrival. If RFID wristband is lost or stolen, which can be easily reprogrammed instantly via POS.

Cashless payment

RFID wearable wristband have gone far beyond the Room-access bracelets that enters the room. In this way, the RFID wristband can be connected to your hotel account and credit card, so you can seamlessly make purchases on the go.

As more and more travel providers turn to wearable technology, a single device become your room key card, quarantine monitor, theme park pass, and cashless payment device.

RFID wristband can satisfy all the requirement

The adoption of RFID in resorts reduce the guests to carry multiple items accessed and the demand for payment. At present, credit cards, room keys, and locker keys can be combined into an RFID hotel wristband for maximum convenience. In addition, you can also link to social media profiles, and you have a triple crown of apps on your wrist. Your operations and customer experience will be optimized immediately. As well as when you provide customer satisfaction, the visitors will come back again and again.

The benefits of RFID systems for resorts, theme parks and almost any type of attraction are staggering. RFID systems are evolving, more and more companies are offering these solutions for the leisure industry. From cashless payments to onerous access controls, RFID hotel bracelet for attractions are not the future, but right now.

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