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If you need one kind of RFID transponder designed to defeat cloning or cracking attacks, look no further, MIFARE DESFire is the best choice.

MIFARE DESFire is the most secure RFID technology in the market. Which is an ISO14443A RFID transponder and an NFC Type 4A Tag Platform that’s used in many NFC and RFID security applications due to the ability it has to operate in the clear or operate as a secure transponder using any one of three different types of encryption: Single DES, Triple DES, or AES. Generally, AES is viewed as the most secure level of encryption of the methods listed above.

NXP MIFARE DESFire, which refers to a widely used and introduced in closed-loop e-payment, access control and digital door locks, due to the fast & highly secure data transmission and high cryptographic.

HUAYUAN Encoding Service to DESFire Products

HUAYUAN had engaged in RFID industry since 1995 and we had big capability of production for card or key fob or wristband with multi-application capabilities and high security features enabled by MIFARE DESFire technology. We offer DESFire tags and cards also encoded to your system requirement and save your time.

HUAYUAN available as either card or key tags or wristbands, are specifically designed to support either 3DES or 128 bits AES encryption – a major enhancement over almost any other available technology. Equally important, these RFID cards/tags are also designed for users’ convenience and fully customizable together with your company’s logo or artwork.

As a professional RFID supplier in China, wholesale high security MIFARE DESFire cashless payment RFID products, and HUAYUAN provide AES encryption full encoding service to your DESFire tags/cards which saves your time and resources. Warmly welcome to cooperate and develop with us! we are getting to still provide product or service with high quality and competitive rete. Need something more? Contact us right now.

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