FlexPay Cashless Payment Wristband

Cashless payment wristband is now available everywhere, which means that consumers all over the world can use their cards for the convenience of clicking and paying. The advancement of payment wristband technology allows payments to be added to wearable devices quickly and invisibly to provide an enhanced consumer experience at checkout. We supply silicone payment wristbands in a variety of designs with different micro tags. Custom your wearable payment wristbands now!

HUAYUAN contactless silicone cashless payment wristband design, a comprehensive product portfolio of easy-to-use wearable devices to meet various needs. For high-end financial and bank customers, HUAYUAN can help you customize and develop the mold of the open wristband. The abrasive tool can provide physical reference, or can be designed and developed according to the customer’s own design, taking into account the bank’s EMV card size, the back opening perfectly matches.

Each silicone payment wristband has a non-contact mini tag, which will be inserted into the slot of the wristband. Most of the EMV technical support is provided by Gemalto with EMV qualification, Each mini label supports the EMV standard and is bound to a bank account to realize the convenience of payment.

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FlexPay Cashless Payment Wristband At a Glance

WSP02 Wristband Details - Closed FlexPay Cashless Payment Wristband
ItemClosed Type FlexPay Cashless Payment Wristbands
MaterialGermany Wacker Silicone R250
DimensionLength: 145/175mm
Operating Temperature-30°C ~ 80°C
ColorMulti-colors, depend on your requirement
CraftsCustom Logo & Number Printing, QR, Barcode, etc
PrintingSilkscreen printing, laser engraving, embossed, debossed, etc.
ApplicationsCashless payment for banks, transportation, events

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