Pulseiras de pagamento sem contato e sem dinheiro vestíveis

From wearable wristbands, fitness trackers, watches to jewelry and smart clothing, there are now a wide variety of wearable devices, including payment functions, which have achieved great success among consumers.

Their success depends on two key developments:

Contactless payment is now available everywhere, which means that consumers all over the world can use their cards for the convenience of payment

Advanced technology allows payments to be quickly and invisibly added to wearable wristbands, thereby providing an enhanced consumer experience at checkout.

Wearable technology and cashless payment go hand in hand

Recent years, there have been many different wearable technology projects:

In the UK, we have seen that the development trend of contactless payment has evolved from NFC payment wristbands, mobile phone case keychains and well-known retail jewelry devices.

In Poland and Singapore, wearable payment wristband has become the daily companions of teenagers, and they are using the technology to learn how to control their consumption with the help of their parents. With the help of the access control function on the chip inside these wearable devices, parents can also be assured of knowing where their children are, whether they are taking the bus to school or going home.

Choose the right wearable payment wristband

Whether you are looking for non-contact wristbands for easy access, cashless festivals, sports events, or just for the pleasure of wearing the latest must-have fashions, Thales’ wearable product line can meet all your needs

Whether you are a bank, event organizer, transportation operator or wearable device manufacturer, you can show value to your customers through attractive, frictionless and safe non-contact wearable devices.

First, you need to determine the user experience that suits your deployment. According to your market restrictions and target audience, you can choose the following payment products:

Removable: Allows cardholders to insert payment chips into their cashless payment wristbands for quick and easy deployment

Pre-integration: Provide cardholders with cashless payment wristbands, in which the payment chip has been embedded in the wearable device during the manufacturing process

Secondly, choose wearable devices: Through removable options, HUAYUAN provides Silicone payment wristbands, which can be customized with your bank logo and favorite Pantone color. These high-quality Silicone payment wristbands are made of recyclable medical and food-grade silicon, thus winning the full recognition and market share of users.

Finally, select the appropriate payment chip: RFID Cashless payment wristbands will eliminate the burden of handling cash or worrying about pickpockets, thereby improving the overall activity experience for customers. Smart wristbands go a step further and can combine payment with other functions (such as fast-track access, loyalty and rewards) to achieve smarter event management.

HUAYUAN provides a variety of silicone wristbands for optional according to different requirement. Our silicone wearable payment wristband is durable, ultra soft and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the cashless payment wristband can be customized, like printing, debossed, embossed, etc.

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