Com quase três décadas de experiência em tecnologia e fabricação de RFID, a HUAYUAN continua sendo uma força pioneira no setor de RFID desde sua fundação em 1995.

Specializing in the design and manufacturing of a diverse array of RFID solutions tailored for individual applications in the European and North American markets, HUAYUAN offers RFID wristbands, smart cards, key fobs, and RFID tags. Our products cater to various needs such as identification, cashless payments, security access control, and efficient event management.

HUAYUAN focus on RFID since 1995


HUAYUAN was founded in 1995 by Mr. Tao, driven by a vision to revolutionize RFID technology. Leveraging a background in Smart card technology and IT software engineering, Mr. Tao brought invaluable expertise from his tenure in a state-owned company specializing in audio and video recording equipment. This expertise laid the foundation for our commitment to seamlessly integrating micro-chip and RFID technology into diverse systems and solutions.

Part of History About HUAYUAN


The First E-Ticket in China

Provided the first E-ticket in China for the Shanghai Metro No.1 line AFC system.


HUAYUAN Established

Shanghai HUAYUAN Electronic Co., Ltd. Founded in 1995, Pioneering Smart Card Solutions in China.


China Domestic Markets

Shanghai HUAYUAN ventures into smart card and RFID-based management systems development, serving domestic markets with tolling, highway management, insurance, and E-voting solutions.


Card Personalized Solution

Smart cards personalization solution for Chinese 2nd ID card, using HP indigo printer.


Beginning of Export Business

Started exporting millions of RFID contactless card inlays and finished cards to Europe.


Cooperated With AD

Cooperated with AVERY DENNISON in UHF RFID as its key partner in Asia.


NFC Tag Markets

Provided NFC tags for a project in UK for a loyalty system, cooperated with ZAPA & Vivotech.


RFID Wristband Markets

RFID Wristband for Big E-wallet in Denmark & Scandinavia. Millions NFC tags for loyalty management, and retailer like Metro, Zabka Fresh Market in Europe.



Established “HUAYUAN Tech GmbH” in Willich near Dusseldorf. Began cooperated with Deutsche Postal about the RFID project for parcel tracking.

What Makes Us Unique

At HUAYUAN, our strength lies in our ability to deliver cutting-edge RFID products tailored to our clients’ specific requirements. Our success stories and case studies highlight our commitment to innovation and excellence. From enhancing security measures to streamlining operations, our products have consistently delivered tangible results for our clients across industries.

“RFID technology is not just about tagging things; it’s about capturing data to enable informed decisions and actions, driving efficiency and innovation in every sector.”
Kevin Ashton