RFID Fabric Wristband

Nowadays, RFID fabric wristbands are experiencing explosive growth in the Europe and North America markets. HUAYUAN fabric RFID entry wristbands, a classic style, have become an ideal solution utilized by millions of people at music festivals and events globally.

Whether you’re in need of security RFID entry wristbands for music festivals, concerts, or parties, HUAYUAN has over decades of experience providing fabric RFID wristbands worldwide. These wristbands come in a variety of options to meet different preferences.

RFID Fabric Wristbands At a Glance

ItemFabric Wristbands with SmartCard
MaterialFabric band + RFID tag
DimensionBand: 350x15mm / 350x20mm;
PVC Tag: 38x24mm
FrequencyLF 125kHz, HF 13.56MHz
ProtocolISO7814, ISO7815, ISO14443A, ISO15693
Operating ModePassive
Read RangeLF/HF 1~10cm approx
PrintingWe can customize your RFID fabric wristband with logo, pattern, text, etc.
CraftsCustom Logo & Number Printing (Serial No., Chip UID), etc
Variable data processing, lock, encryption (URL, TEXT, Number, Vcard)
ApplicationsWidely used in Events, Music festivals, Hotels, Resorts, Amusement parks, Theme parks, Exhibitions, Conferences, etc

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