Security Satin RFID Wristband

HUAYUAN satin fabric RFID wristband features ultra-soft satin fabric band which is smooth touch and quick-dry after soaking. The soft vinyl RFID tag with custom LOGO printing, and the secure clasp especially for anti-remove. Satin fabric RFID wristband provides the ultimate security for events, which is unique, complete customization and difficult to replicate.

Satin RFID Wristband At a Glance

HUAYUAN security satin RFID wristband is a new arrival for event management, which is soft vinyl NFC tag with logo printing, colorful satin band with black secure locker, especially for anti-remove buckles. Security RFID wristband features a one-way sliding lock that uses prongs to pierce the fabric, preventing the wristband from being removed. They are highly secure extremely comfortable, super durable and perfect for festivals, concerts, sporting events, backstage, VIP passes, and ideal for great souvenirs or collectibles!

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Product Spec. & Features

ItemSecurity Satin RFID Wristband
MaterialSatin band + Vinyl RFID tag
DimensionBand: 350x16mm;
Tag: 40x30mm
CraftsCustom Logo & Number Printing (Serial No., Chip UID), QR, Barcode, etc
Variable data processing, lock, encryption (URL, TEXT, Number, Vcard)
WP22 Wristband Details - Security Satin RFID Wristband

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