Vinyl Wristbands for Parties

The vinyl wristband (WO04) is widely used for admission control at events, nightclubs and parties. These wristbands can be custom personalized, such as full-color printing, logo printing, serialization, barcode, QR code, text, etc as your request. HUAYUAN vinyl wristband is very popular and hot sale in the Europe and America market due to its fast turnaround time and qualified quality.

Vinyl Wristbands At a Glance

Wide Face Wristband can be full color printed. The snap-lock is unable to be removed once applied, just like our plastic disposable wristbands.

L Shape Wristband, its ‘L’ shape design provides a large print area and the snap-lock provides a highly secure and tamper-evident closure system.

Removable Tab Wristband is made from vinyl and consists of 3 layers of vinyl with 1,3, 5, or 10 tear-off tabs making it an ideal solution for any event.

This vinyl wristband can also have built-in radio frequency identification, which can be compatible with any RFID event solution, including cashless payment, concerts, parties, music festivals and social media integration.

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