Made of ABS material, which it is waterproof and durable. Rigid ABS material passive proximity ID card token which is popular for access control. It’s easily to carry with your key chain. Personalize the key fob with logo printing to distinguish your brand. Available in a range of vibrant colors, our Smart ABS RFID Key Fob offers options for laser engraving and/or silk-screening to further customize and elevate your branding.

Crafts of ABS RFID Keyfobs

Product Highlights

Classic RFID Key Tags (KAB03)

The Classic RFID Keyfob offers a timeless design, cost-effectiveness, and high popularity in the market. Its surface can be coded and customized with silkscreen printing of logos or words according to customer preferences. Additionally, it boasts dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof qualities.

Tumbler RFID Keyfob (KAB23)

The Tumbler RFID Keyfob is constructed of durable ABS plastic housing and is designed for the secure personal identification. It allows for attachment of an epoxy sticker with a customized logo or direct printing onto the housing for branding purposes.

Drop RFID Smart Keyfob (KAB29)

The RFID Smart Drop Keyfob features a stylish water drop design, highly sought-after in European and USA markets. Available in ABS or PC plastic housing options, it offers a flat space suitable for logo or serial number printing. It comes in solid or semi-transparent colors.

Tear ABS RFID Key Fob (KAB31)

The Tear Keyfob is crafted from two-tone ABS plastic housings, providing a unique aesthetic. Its flat surface is perfect for logo or serial number printing, and the ID number can be engraved on both sides. CMYK full-color options are available, with epoxy-covered printing.

Sailboat RFID Key Fob (KAB41)

Sailboat RFID key fobs are available in solid or translucent color finishes in a rugged ABS or PC plastic housing. Logos and ID numbers can be printed directly on the surface of the fob. The solid color look enhances the contrast of the laser engraving and makes the ID number or logo marking more visible. Translucent RFID key fobs have a special visible antenna appearance.

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