Glassfiber RFID Keyfob

HUAYUAN Glassfiber RFID Keyfob is an ultra-thin and sturdy keyfob specially designed for applications demanding a durable RFID key tag. Compared to traditional RFID keyfobs, the glassfiber RFID key tag is significantly tougher and more durable, with high temperature resistance, making it suitable for harsh environments. While the cost is higher, its durability justifies the investment. Most importantly, we offer customization options for your logo and number on the Glassfiber RFID Key Fob according to your preferences.

Glassfiber RFID Keyfob At A Glance

ItemGlassfiber RFID Key Tags
MaterialGlass fiber / FR4
DimensionL45 x W30 x T0.9 mm
Frequency125KHz / 13.56MHz
IP ClassIP68
Operating Temperature-25~ +85°C
Storage Temperature-25~ +120°C
Crafts of Glassfiber RFID Keyfob

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